Atma Kriya

"So it is that in the present age of Kali Yuga the Divine has given Kriya meditation as a vehicle capable of raising one's consciousness into higher levels of vibration. Now is such a time when Kriya will take one to the heights of the Gods as has been recorded in scriptures left on this planet by the Gods who come to live among man to assist in his awakening in each age"  Mahavatar Babaji

 The Atma Kriya Technique


Atma Kriya comprises of techniques in pranayama, kriya, meditation, mudra, mantra, asana and healing. The benefits are far reaching in every aspect of our lives. The techniques will purify and strengthen your physical body, immune system, nervous system and chakras. There is a gradual awakening of Kundalini Shakti. You will have greater energy to get through the day and often less sleep is required. Mentally you will function with greater efficiency. There is improved concentration, rational thinking, creativity and intuition. Emotionally one will experience less stress and you will be able to get through life and its challenges with renewed confidence, positivity and ease. You will begin to awaken to a deep inner peace and there will be a continual sense of happiness and love. Wisdom, understanding and discrimination will become your constant source of inner guidance and support. At the end of an Atma Kriya course the student receives Shaktipath, a direct energy transference or healing energy from Mahavatar Babaji.

 Changes through Atma Kriya

The Atma is a constant, uninterrupted source of happiness, peace and love. Atma Kriya brings about an overall transformation at every level of our existence – physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. This Deep Change is a Catalyst to reunite our limited human consciousness with its true identity - the Atma – and the Atma with Cosmic Consciousness.

Atma Kriya is one of the fastest ways to evolve ones Soul to the state of Self and God realization – man’s highest potential and the ultimate goal of Yoga.

med2.jpgAtma Kriya ultimately helps one to live their life with a constant awareness of his/her connection with the Divine. As a result the heart is opened up and the individual is transformed into an expression of Divine love, which is pure, beyond the senses, selfless and ever expanding. One begins to perform all of his/her actions out of love. By experiencing the world as a manifestation of Divine will, we start to live a more joyful, harmonious, peaceful and balanced life. We begin accessing our inner potential, our physical and spiritual powers are regenerated and there is greater wisdom, discrimination and understanding.

Atma Kryia consists of several different techniques

  • Pranayama - is breathing exercises for concentrating and directing the life force in the body. Pranayama exercises are energizing and cleansing on the physical body, calming and beneficial for the mind and help to attain higher levels of consciousness. – balances the mind and emotions giving physiological and pschological benefits to the practitioner. * Meditation - allows clarity of thought with reduced mental fluctuations which allows us to focus our attention on the energy centres of the body.
  • Mudras - are actions that create a locking mechanism using our physical body, they can control and manipulate the energies found in the energetic, mental and physical bodies.
  • Mantra - is the repetition of a series of sounds that relate to a particular energy associated with an aspect of the Divine. Repeating a mantra elevates or modifies our consciousness, connects us with the Divine and helps to calm and concentrate the mind, making meditation much easier.
  • Asanas - are physical exercises that keep the body physically fit and healthy and free from disorders and disease. Asanas permit the transmission of more life force through the body and allow it to become supple and strong.
  • OM-Healing - is an ancient group self-healing technique re-introduced to the world by Mahavatar Babaji. It supports the healing process of the body, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It transforms the aura of the body into light and assists ones spiritual growth.

Lineage: The teachings of Atma Kriya were given by Mahavatar Babaji to Sri Swami Vishwananda. Atma Kriya is a highly effective yoga practise anchored in an ancient tradition, but adapted to the modern life. Atma Kriya’s speed of progress and suitability for householders has been the reason for its rapid rise in popularity.


At the end of the course an initiation is given, which is a direct energy transference or healing energy, known as Shaktipath. This provides the initiating “spark” for the Atma Kriya practice to be successful. More specifically, Shaktipath activates the chakras (energy centres in our body), purifies the nervous system and heals the body (at an emotional and mental level). The result is better health, higher levels of consciousness and ultimately Divine bliss.

The Shaktipath in Atma Kriya comes from Mahavatar Babaji via the teacher. It is completely safe and happens without any effort on the part of the student.

The Course

The course takes place on an average over three days. This gives time to the student to fully understand the different techniques and integrate them into their daily life. Whatever your religion, spiritual path or cultural affiliation, anyone aged over 18 is welcome to take the course.

If you would like to know more about Atma Kriya please visit the Atma Kriya Web Site for information on courses, workshops and teachers near you.

Healing Support

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