How does OM Healing work?


The cosmic vibration of OM aligns all the vibrations within us which are in disharmony. By chanting OM within a specifically arranged group of people, the healing power is enhanced and amplified. Entering into this vibration, we facilitate the release of emotions, thoughts and negative energy, thereby bringing about healing.

OM Healing has a combined effect of not only balancing and supporting the healing processes of all the people within the group, but also everything in the surrounding area including people, animals, buildings and nature.

This energy can also be directed for the benefit of people, places and life situations depending on what the group or participants focus upon. Anyone who specifically would like to receive support from an OM Healing group, but cannot be present in the circle, can submit their name in order for it to be included.

A special blessing of Mahavatar Babaji is present wherever certified OM healing groups are formed in accordance with his guidance and teachings.

Healing Support

Please write the name of the person you would like to send healing support through OM Healing.

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