My name is Goran

My name is Goran and I am 31 years old. I came to the Om healing two weeks ago. My first experience was very unusual, almost surreal, with myriad arrays of colours and unusual sounds and an immense amount of energy flowing through my body. During the second Om Healing I had an apparition of a woman who had long black hair and slanted dark eyes with an Asiatic appearance who was dressed in a red toga. She smiled and then disappeared. Then I saw the image of our planet Earth, which split in the middle and shone with light blue colour all around spreading outwards throughout the universe. Afterwards, I found out that we were doing the Om Healing for Mother Earth. The amount of energy was so strong that I felt it as a strong wind caressing my body. Rock crystal, which I had in my pocket, started to vibrate during the Om Healing.

Goran, Croatia

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