My name is Maja

My name is Maja and together with my sister I have been attending the Om Healing in Dugi Rat, Croatia. That is a great gift and blessing from God, Babaji, and Swami and I am very grateful to all of them for making this powerful technique available to me.

The Om Healing Technique has helped me a lot many times, especially during the pregnancy.  It was very difficult for me to sit and chant. My back was hurting and also my legs. I could not sit comfortably and enjoy the meditation especially as my delivery date was approaching. But in spite I continued coming to the Om Healing because I would feel wonderful afterwards. 

On November 12th I felt that I would deliver the child and with great happiness I went to attend the Om Healing just before the delivery. It was 9 p.m. when the labours started, and two and a half hours later I delivered the child: in the car of my sister on the way to the hospital! She was driving me there. Interestingly, all the way from the home to the hospital was magnificent. I had a feeling that somebody else was about to deliver the baby. I am frightful person by nature and in those moments I was so brave and self-confident. 

Luce got born in the car and she was out very quickly to mine and to my sister’s wonderment. After the delivery the baby smelled of rose and in her first photographs it can be observed the blue light enveloping her. 

I am very grateful to Divine Mother as well as St. Irene who helped me in the moments of my great need. Great thanks also to all Om Healing companions. 

Om Healing means a lot to me and I hardly wait the day when my Luce is big enough to start attending the Om Healing again.

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