On the 14th May (Saturday) an OMH session was held in Portimão-Algarve (Portugal), around 4h pm. Carla, according to medical opinion was in her last living days and the persons who accompanied her in the previous 2 days were witnesses of her agonies. On that Saturday, everyone was expecting the worse, but by the afternoon her condition was completely changed.
Reported by Bharati from Portimão- Algarve
I found my way to Om Healing when a good friend of mine took me there. She knew that I was both physically and mentally totally finished. Three years I had been struggling with my disease and after all also my daughter got seriously ill. My marriage was going towards divorse. Afterwards, when I discussed with a psychologist, it came up, that I had been very near to psychosis.
Erika, Finland
For the first time in my life I attended an OM Healing programme and it was an outstanding experience which I can't describe in words. Thank you so much for having organised such programme.
Dr. K.A.Mujumdar., USA
31st December it will have been two years Since my first experience with OM Healing. It was New Year's Eve when me and my friends sat in a circle and… it flowed. Literally because when I heard the New Year’s fireworks I heard them like they were emanating from completely different world. I felt like I was sailing across the entire ocean, carried by the all-embracing OM sound.
Elizabeth, Szczecin, Poland
I saw Babaji  half a minute after the OM Healing circle has started (like the one on the picture which my mother has on her altar but younger) standing next to a person who was chanting OM. With his hands he was showering red petals on her head. Through the channels in her body the golden light was flowing to her feet, and through her feet black energy was leaving to the earth.
S. S., Croatia
Today many children were healed here on earth and the crisis will be solved. This (OM Healing) is also good to heal many people and the earth.
Daniela, 8 years, Entroncamento, Portugal (15.01.2011)
Over the past year I have been getting emails from some one with a very sick grand child. She came across my web site and asked me to put her gradchilds's name in the healing box I place in the centre of the OM Healingcircle.
Sebastian Gates, Southampton
The most remarkable experience I ever had of Om Healing happened in May 2009 during the Om Healing seminar in Germany. I saw the image of our dear Lord Jesus during the Om Healing session. For a moment he was before my closed eyes while I was sitting in the middle of the circle – it was beautiful and very powerful! The next strong experience I had was in November 2009 when a group of us from Croatia came to the ashram in Germany.
Nela, Croatia
My name is Goran and I am 31 years old. I came to the Om healing two weeks ago. My first experience was very unusual, almost surreal, with myriad arrays of colours and unusual sounds and an immense amount of energy flowing through my body. During the second Om Healing I had an apparition of a woman who had long black hair and slanted dark eyes with an Asiatic appearance who was dressed in a red toga. She smiled and then disappeared.
Goran, Croatia
For me OM Healing is a very effective method. There is nothing more beautiful for me than to come together for the healing in our selves and around us. For the well-being of everyone. Such a small contribution and still so precious. Hardly thanks to everybody who makes it possible.
Madeleine Bauer, Switzerland
My name is Elena Bričević and I am 35 years old. Me and my sister Maja Živković regularly attend the Om Healing group for one year at our friends place in Dugi Rat, Croatia.  
My name is Maja and together with my sister I have been attending the Om Healing in Dugi Rat, Croatia.
OM Healing results with young children
During the OM Healing I could smell very intensively the fragrance of rose. After the OM Healing I realized that my hands have a wonderful fragrance of rose which reminds me of Swami as well. This experience lasted for one - two hours.
Pratima, Omis, Croatia
One day, me, Karl, got a message that Susanna had jumped down from the fifth floor of her residential building. For me it was not unexpected, we had so much trouble to bear,the pressure was simply too high.
Susanne and Karl, Vienna, Austria

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